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How to chose the liquid filter bag

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Good quality Polyester Felt Filter Bag for sales
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How to chose the liquid filter bag
How to chose the liquid filter bag

First, you need to understand the filtration mechanism of the bag filter system: liquid flows from the inside of the filter bag to the outside of the bag, and the filtered particles are trapped in the bag. The working principle of the bag filter is pressure filtration. The bag filter system mainly includes three parts: a filter container, a supporting basket and a filter bag.


How to choose a liquid filter bag?
Selection of filter bag material: First, find the available filter material according to the chemical name of the fluid to be filtered, and according to the chemical combination taboo, and then according to the filter medium temperature, operating pressure, pH value, viscosity (CPS), impurity types such as (hard Particles, soft particles), impurity content (PPM), operating conditions (such as whether it needs to be resistant to steam, hot water or chemical sterilization, etc.), one by one, and remove the unsuitable filter material. Use is also an important consideration. For example, the filter material used in medicine, food or cosmetics must be a material approved by the FDA; ultrapure water must be selected as a filter material that is pure and contains no emissions that will affect the specific impedance; the filter gas must be Choose hydrophobic materials and whether you need "sanitary filtration" design and more.

How to choose a liquid filter bag?
Choice of filter bag accuracy: This is one of the most disturbing issues. For example, to remove particles visible to the naked eye, use a 20 or 25 micron filter bag; to remove clouds in the liquid, use a 1 or 5 micron filter bag; to filter the smallest bacteria, a 0.2 micron filter bag is required. The problem is that there are two filtering accuracy units: absolute accuracy / nominal accuracy

How to choose a liquid filter bag?
Absolute accuracy refers to the ability to filter 100% of the marked particles. It is almost impossible to be impractical because 100% is an infinite value. Absolute filters commonly known in the market, such as membranes, etc., strictly speaking, can only be called "near absolute" filters

How to choose a liquid filter bag?
5.Nominal accuracy does not have a standard commonly recognized and followed by the industry. "That is to say, Company A can set the nominal accuracy at 85-95%, but Company B would rather set it at 50-70%. In other words, Company A's 25 Micron filtration accuracy may be equal to 5 microns of company B or finer. For this problem, experienced professional filter suppliers will help the selection of filtration accuracy, and the fundamental solution is "trial".


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